Great ideas are at the heart of everything we do. However, bringing a great idea to life involves implementation over a variety of platforms. We do so with passion, creativity and a meticulous attention to detail.

Corporate & Brand Identity

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the added value that corporate branding & identity strategies can bring to their business.

Regardless of whether they operate at international, national or local level, it is vital to create unique identities and market positions for their products and services, to help distinguish them from their competitors.

We understand that 21st century corporate identities must have the ability to inspire confidence, capable of engaging equally with customers, employees, business partners or consumers.

We use the same methodology and apply the same levels of crafting and expertise to create unique corporate brand identities that are robust enough to stand the test of time and connect with their audiences.

Our process is simple, tried, tested and works. It always involves a great deal of research, followed by stages of creative development, culminating in the delivery of a clear strategy and guidance for implementation.

Packaging Design

For many of our clients, a substantial component of how its brand is viewed by the world is through the packaging of its products.

Inspired by our creative strategy, our graphic and structural designers work hand in hand to create packaging design that not only stands out on the shelf but also stands for something in people’s minds.

Unlike many mediums, packaging involves a much more tangible connection with its end users. We approach all projects with the same philosophy of creating simple and bold packaging, bringing to life a big idea to connect with people on an emotional level.

We work with many different brand owners, big and small, tackling diverse challenges, from new product launches to the sensitive development of established global brands.

Brand Strategy & Naming

Every brand, from a corporate identity to a bar of chocolate, needs to start with a great idea. We work with businesses to define the brand strategy and uncover the big idea in a way that captures the brand’s personality and inspires creativity.

Sometimes a great idea or a compelling brand story already exists and has served a brand well for some time. Sometimes, however, the story can get a bit lost over the years. Understanding the true meaning of a brand and what triggers it, is at the heart of our approach to strategic analysis.

Greybridge has a practical and creative, step-by-step approach to developing new brand names. Naming is an integral part of creating brand identity and brand value. It is often the embodiment of the personality of a new product, company, service or experience.

A name burns a brand into the consciousness of its audience and is also the invaluable cornerstone of intellectual property and brand equity.

We also carry out trade mark and domain name screening to help reduce the risks involved in trade mark registration. Our affiliated lawyers that specialize in trade mark can also carry out all legal procedures to protect your property.

It isn’t easy to find great new names and brand name development can be complex. To avoid disappointment, we believe in approaching name creation with open eyes. Our brand name generation is creative, flexible and rigorous – because naming is far too important to a brand’s success not to be taken seriously.

Printed Literature

One of the most fundamental mediums for most companies around the world still involves ink on paper. We work daily creating great looking printed solutions for our clients that re-enforce their key brand aims.

It may be marketing literature, formal documents, sales brochures, leaflets, corporate stationery or something completely different. If it needs to stand out, make a statement or simply follow brand guidelines we have the experience and creativity to make sure our clients printed literature is first class.

Artwork & Print Production

We pride ourselves on our delivery of ideas to market through consistent implementation.
 In our opinion, artwork and print production are essential to the smooth application of our work and its importance should never be underestimated.

Our designers are also experts in this area and take ownership and responsibility from the start, creating a fully integrated service with a seamless transition through later stages of any project.

Our invaluable technical expertise and input early on ensures that we achieve well-managed expectations, time and cost savings and, ultimately, the optimum result for our clients.

Supported by total quality assurance and print management throughout, we can then ensure what is delivered maintains brand integrity.

Digital Media & Websites

We live in a world that is permanently connected through digital communication. Our client’s brands, products and services are alive and viewed via some sort of interactive screen, 24 hours a day.

We have seen the development of these technologies from the very beginning and have the expert knowledge and understanding to help our clients utilise this media to further develop or enhance their business or brand.

In this fast changing environment, it is essential for businesses to continuously examine how they use these technologies.

We help clients develop their strategies and because we understand what is and isn’t achievable, and how much it may cost, we can help them realise their goals.

We have the expertise to see any project through from conception to delivery and pride ourselves on providing clear guidance for our clients to manage their own content and not rely on us to see their solutions develop.

World of Golf

Greybridge Design is based in St Andrews, the home of golf. Aside from the passion we have for our work, we can also boast to understand the world of golf and all things golf. We love golf.

Anyone who has ever visited the royal & ancient city will bear witness to the fact that the spirit of the sport runs deep through the veins in the heart of the town.

Players from all over the world pay pilgrimage to St Andrews and it is this shared passion for the game that creates a unique camaraderie amongst golfers.

Regardless of whether they are pioneers of industry, or shop assistants, members of royalty, acclaimed international celebrities or drivers of taxi’s, golf allows all to momentarily share their experiences on the same level.

Members of our team at Greybridge are accomplished players and have played and still play the game at the highest amateur levels. We believe no other design agency has a better understanding of the golf market and we know that no agency is better located.

Public Relations Campaigns

The vast majority of projects with PR agencies will involve developing creative campaigns to create the highest levels of impact in the shortest space of time. It means getting as much bang for your buck as possible.

With PR campaigns our job is not to reinvent a clients brand but fully understand the brand and promote its key messages to their target audience albeit the consumer, trade or journalist.

Over the years, the directors of Greybridge Design have been fortunate to work with some of the UK’s leading PR agencies in the areas of consumer goods, healthcare and corporate business.

These include: Burson Marsteller, Cohn & Wolfe, Hill & Knowlton, Medicom, Young & Rubican and Shandwick amongst others.